Microlab Speaker M-223U

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Technical Specifications
Amplifier specs
Output power 10, Watt RMS
Power distribution 2,5×2+5, Watt
Harmonic distortion 0,1, % (1Watt, 1kHz)
Frequency response 35-20000, Hz
Signal/Noise ratio 75, dB
Separation 50, dB
Speakers specs
Tweeter driver type 2,5,
Tweeter rated power 5, Watt
Bass driver type 4,
Bass rated power 5, Watt
Material MDF/plastic
Output 2RCA
Input 2RCA, AUX 2RCA
Satellites 89 x 152 x 97, mm
Subwoofer 155 x 242 x 285, mm
Product Net weight 3,2, kg


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